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The 1stPayPOS® Pro is more than just a Point-of-Sale solution. It's an all-in-one, store front management platform. Our cloud-based solution is built to evolve with your business and simplify your day-to-day operations.

The 1stPayPOS Pro with Cash Drawer and PINPad

Robust Technology

1stPayPOS® Pro offers intuitive features and functionality including:

  • Accept most payment types including credit, debit and EMV® 
  • Manage Inventory
  • Track Employee's Time
  • View Analytics and Sales Reports from any Computer

Flexible Inventory


Easily customize your menu items and inventory, establish product bundles and modifiers, and configure pricing.

Integrated Payments


Certified with the latest secure payment technology including EMV®, PIN Debit, and credit.



Industry-leading POS equipment and peripherals to help modernize and organize your counter-top.

Staff Management


Manage employee time clocks, review hours and manage permissions from your POS dashboard.



Get a 360˚ view of your business. Track and analyze all of your transactions and inventory data from one portal.



All software-based updates are done remotely and we provide 24/7 award-winning customer service support.

Will it fit in your space?

The dimensions are the perfect size to fit anywhere you need in your business.

These days, it's more important than ever to accept the forms of payments that your customers want. As more and more of your customers learn the benefits of EMV chip credit cards, they're going to insist on taking advantage of the improved security.

Make sure you're giving your customers the options they're craving and let 1stPayPOS Pro get you there!

Managing inventory manually is a tough business! Isn't it time your point-of-sale system pulled it's own weight? 1stPayPOS Pro makes it easy to track your inventory levels and receive reminders when an item is running low. Plus, we'll help you pre-load your inventory, so you're ready to roll...right out of the box!

1stPayPOS Pro gives you the power to manage and track your employee's time. Schedule shifts, view previous pay periods and even enter tips, all from one screen!

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