Speed and efficiency meets food & beverage

For those who run a bar or restaurant, speed is key. The speed to accurately enter customer’s orders. The speed with which information reaches the kitchen. The speed with which a customer can pay for their order. 1stPayPOS Pro not only enhances the speed with which a bar or restaurant can efficiently operate, it also offers those businesses operational features that will help them to streamline both front of house and back of house. 

Send Items to Kitchen Printer

Split Checks or Payments

Multiple Tax Rates by Item

Count & Receive Inventory

Track All Order History

Manage Scheduling & Timecards

The 1stPayPOS Pro with Cash Drawer and PINPad

Whether it’s splitting tabs, creating weekly supply orders, managing employee scheduling or producing reports that help take advantage of customer trends, the 1stPayPOS Pro can revolutionize the way a restaurant or bar serves their customer’s and their employee’s needs.