Turning happy shoppers into repeat shoppers

Retail businesses rely on the repeat business of consumers as well as giving new customers a positive checkout experience that can turn them into repeat customers.  A large part of this is the ability to quickly and efficiently process payments during the checkout process.

Count and Receive Inventory

Employee Time Management

Cross-store Inventory Lookup

Quick and Efficient Payments

Multi-store Functionality

Save/Hold/Recall Transactions

The 1stPayPOS Pro with Cash Drawer and PINPad

The 1stPayPOS Pro offers retail users an easy to understand and intuitive checkout process that ensures payments are processed effortlessly and securely. And with the cross-locations inventory lookup function, retail businesses with multiple locations can help find exactly what their customers are searching for.

Internally, 1stPayPOS Pro can make scheduling and timecard approval by managers a simple and painless process. Management can also use this technology to review sales reports, process restocks and reorders of inventory.