How it Works. Manage your transactions and track sales with a simple touch.

Everything You Need
to Accept Payments

1stPayPOS iPad Point of Sale System

Equipment is available individually or in hardware bundles, so you can get the cash register that's right for your business!

Ring Up Sales in 3 Easy Steps

1. Ring Up Items

Quickly add items by tapping customizable buttons, searching by product name, or using a barcode scanner. Apply item modifiers & discounts, adjust tax settings, & enter custom tip.

2. Choose Payment Type

Accept cash, credit cards, gift cards, checks and more! Split tender allows your customers to use multiple payment types on the same order. Capture customer signatures right on screen.

3. Print Receipt

Receipts can be printed, emailed, or texted to your customers! Multiple printers can be configured. Change due from cash transactions is calculated & displayed to ensure accuracy.

Add Items
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Flexible Item Modifiers

Flexible Item Modifiers

With a variety of modifier types, easily
apply customized item options!

  • Single Choice Modifiers - For items with a single choice, i.e. rare, medium, or well-done burger
  • Multiple Choice Modifiers - For adding multiple options to an item, i.e. add peppers, pickles, cheese
  • No Option Modifiers - For omitting an option, i.e. no onions, no hot peppers

Place Orders on Hold

What if a customer needs to hop out of line to retrieve their wallet? No problem. It's easy to start a customer tab and put the order on hold, in order to help the next person in line until they return to the cash register, ready to settle up.

Put Orders on Hold and Help Other Customers in Line

Adjust Tax and Tip

1stPayPOS iPad Point of Sale System makes it easy to set up multiple tax settings, allowing cashiers to select custom, preset tax options. Cashiers can also easily select a gratuity amount, with the option of entering dollar amount or percentage.

Adjust Tax Settings within Cash Register
Gift Card Program

Gift Card Program

Attract new customers with a customizable gift card program!

  • Online Customer and Merchant Portals
  • Custom-designed and standard card stock
  • Eliminate cash back
  • Reloadable to keep customers coming back
  • Convertible to store value Loyalty Program
iPad POS System Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Turn Regular Customers into Loyal Customers

  • Reward your customers for their loyalty!
  • Set up rewards based on points or visits.
  • Special event rewards: give customers a discount or free item on a special date such as birthday or anniversary date.
  • Link multiple gift cards and credit cards to the same loyalty account.
  • Optional stored value Loyalty Program
  • Convert gift cards into loyalty cards
Multiple Payment Types


Accept multiple types of payment on 1 order!

  • Accept a combination of cash, credit, gift card and other payment types
  • Give customers more flexibility!
  • Accept more than one credit card on the same ticket
Additional Payment Types

Customizable Additional Payment Types

Accept any payment type!

Merchant Configurable: add as many payment types as needed, to give your customers added flexibility! 1stPayPOS will track them for accurate reporting. In addition, a configurable memo field is available to capture additional information.


  • Personal Check
  • LevelUp
  • Traveler's Check

POS Portal to Manage Your Business

Add Items & Manage Inventory

With bulk upload/edit, import and update the entire item catalog in 1 easy step! Set up item categories and sub-categories, assign pricing, and track inventory. Enter quantity on hand and select a reorder point to be notified when an item is almost sold out.

Add Items

Create Discounts & Promotions

Give your customers incentive to buy with promotions! You can create multiple discounts offering your customers an item for free, a percentage removed from their total at purchase, and more! Discounts can be applied at the product or order level.

Add Discounts

Assign Employee Permissions

Give employees customized access!

  • Enable/Disable MID/TIDs: great for multi-location businesses!
  • Set transaction permissions: enable for sale, authorization, refund and void.
  • Give permissions for opening cash drawer, viewing reports, creating products, accessing employee time clock, applying discounts and more!
  • Enable/Disable Devices from Portal
Employee Cash Register Permissions
Cash Management with iPad POS System

Cash Management

Track and manage cash transactions!

  • Log cash register opening and closing amounts.
  • Record payments to vendors
  • Calculate cash drawer overage or shortage
  • Z Closing Report to reconcile cash drawer

Employee Time Clock & Management

Robust Employee Time Clock & Attendance Management Tool

Keep track of employee hours! Employee management provides an employee time clock system built right into 1stPayPOS. Employees can clock in and out for shifts from the login screen or within the iPad POS System.

Administrators can access employee hour reports, manually add or edit shifts, and manage employee information through the POS Portal.

Employee Time Clock
Impact Kitchen Printer for iPad POS System

Impact Printer for iPad POS System

Impact Printer for Restaurant Kitchens, Dry Cleaners and other harsh environments.

Unlimited Multiple Printers: Print drink orders at the bar, food orders in the kitchen and receipts at the iPad POS System.

Impact Printer: Spill-Proof and Heat Resistant receipt printer with two-color ribbon for printing in black and red. Red ink can be used for printing certain modifiers and special instructions.

Buzzer: Optional buzzer alarm can be included that sounds after a new order is printed to notify staff.

High-Speed: 13 Receipts per Minute. Reload quickly and keep customer lines moving with drop in and print paper load.

Assign Items to Multiple Printers

Customize your business's workflow by sending items to specified printers.

How it Works:

With this added capability, items can be assigned to specific printers. Drink orders can be sent to the bar, and food items to the kitchen printer. To go orders can be sent to a separate printer by the to go counter. Use an unlimited amount of kitchen and receipt printers. Configure the setup to best suit your business's needs and produce a more efficient workflow!

Multiple Receipt and Kitchen Printers
Accumulated Z Report

Accumulated Z Report

Accumulated Z Reports make sale reconciliation easy with our iPad POS System! Combine multiple shifts for daily cash register totals or combine multiple days to create a Z Report for any time frame!

iPad POS System Tip Adjustment

Tip Adjustment

Tips can be adjusted individually or in a batch from any iPad POS system, with the option to generate a printable report! The tip detail report shows all adjusted tips by employee.

Robust Analytics

Identify top sellers and sales trends with powerful reporting and analytics!

Daily Sales Summary
Sales Reports

Sales summary reports show sales volumes broken down by payment type. Sales detail reports help identify your top employees by showing who sells the most. Identify your best selling times. Other sales reports include items sold details, items sold summary by employee, items sold summary by category, and sales by hour.

Payment Reports

The payment summary shows what payment types are used most frequently by your customers. Payment detail reports provide a comprehensive breakdown of all sales for a specified date range with employee, order ID, payment type, card information, and sales totals. All reports can be exported to CSV for review & analysis in Excel.

Merchant Reports

Discount reports detail all discounts applied for a given date range, including the employee that applied the discount and the discounted price. Refund reports show all refunds by which employee entered the refund, refunded amount, payment information, and more. Other merchant reports include Z-Report and sales tax reports.

Inventory Reports

The inventory detail report shows all items in your inventory with price, category, cost, SKU, item modifiers, and more. The categories detail report displays how many items are in each category and subcategory. Inventory summary reports provide a quick glance at how many items are in the inventory and if there are any disabled items.